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In order to serve the flourishing Construction industry in Pakistan, Sachal Construction (Pvt) Ltd. (SCL) was established for the fabrication of steel material and products of international standards. Sachal Construction (Pvt) Ltd. is the only company in Pakistan having an operational ISO certified fabrication and Galvanizing unit located in Islamabad. Being the only factory in Islamabad, the unit is already proving to be an important & potential material fabrication, supply, installation, and warehousing source to many companies for serving their Projects.

Our Mission

SCL thrives on teamwork, a highly developed sense of quality, and a never-ending emphasis on the continuous development of our technical and human assets, all geared towards customer satisfaction. SCL has always prioritized investing in its employees and technology, with a constant eye on improving and adding on staff development programs and system automation. Apart from making SCL processes more efficient and competitive, this is SCL’s contribution to the development of technical excellence and professional development in the country.

Our Plan

For its highest quality products delivered in its recently on going and completed projects , the company has earned a very unique and distinguished respectable standing among the telecom vendors and operators in Pakistan. Besides the company also enjoys a respected name for its quality in Civil works. SCL operates a state of the art Steel Fabrication and Galvanizing unit, meeting international quality standards.

Our Vision

SCL projects are designed and developed at the cutting-edge, with the optimal balance between the latest technology and economical solutions. This makes SCL solutions affordable yet technologically sound. Our promise of quality is founded on the latest in tools and technologies, customized to client needs, with a conscious regard for their social and environmental impact.


The company operates ISO certified fabrication and Galvanizing units. The company dedicates itself to achieve high level customer satisfaction by executing quality work within the committed timeframe. Quality in execution is achieved by following stringent quality controls, using best available resources and with high level workmanship.

Our Commitment to quality is embedded in every discipline of the company. Customer satisfaction is essential to us. All team members receive training in their specific area of responsibility to ensure the highest level of performance. In order to achieve the confidence of customers we follow the following Quality Benchmarks at our Steel manufacturing facility.

Objectives of quality assurance (or QA)

  1. Improving customer satisfaction
  2. Improving efficiency
  3. Improving effectiveness
  4. Reducing rework and waste
  5. Creating a well-planned business
  6. Adding credibility to the business
  7. Enabling the business to compete on an equal basis with larger businesses

Steel Structures

Quality is an essential ingredient in building successful businesses. Not only a structure to be supplied has to be of high quality, but potential clients also need to have assurance that the product meets high quality benchmarks.

Reference Quality Assurance Benchmarks at Sachal Construction

Following checks are normally ensured as recommended by the Steel Designer.

Quality Control and Factory Tests

  1. Laminated profiles and plates with quality ASTM A36 or better will be used.
  2. Bolts will be of quality ASTM A325, Grade 5.8 or better
  3. Following mechanical characteristics will be ensured
  4. Elastic limit 26 Kg per
  5. Break Load 42-53 Kg per
  6. Elongation 24%
  7. Resistance 2.8 Kg per sq-cm at 28°C
  8. Bending No fissures will be observed after the tests

Civil Works

Sachal Construction Pvt Ltd is a construction company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services, on time, and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of civil construction and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the Steel Fabrication, has established us as major players in the construction industry. Sachal Construction is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a Construction Firm, in C3 Category.

Tower Supply

Pre-Fab Buildings

RCC Buildings

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